Party Susan

Being fascinated by material gain, Lotte Cremers introduces the audience to her way of looking at the qualities of daily stuff, in this case Tupperware. By setting an aesthetically inspired context, with retrospective effect, Lotte Cremers tries to demonstrate the power of a designer with respect to value change. She hopes her work will trigger a debate about value, even in a commercial world.


How can I change the stigma around body hair? In 2017, having a certain amount of body hair is not done. But what is the cause of this? Is it because we forgot to see the functionality of body hair? Or are we influenced by certain beauty ideals projected on us by the fashion and media world. Most women remove all their body hair below their eyebrows these days.

De Neen

How can I bring balance to Michel’s desires and time? Michel Gütlich is a technology teacher at AKV St.Joost. He is facing the issue that he has the desire to help everyone who asks him, but he doesn’t have enough time to do so. Conclusion: Michel should learn how to say no to someone. ‘De Neen’ is an object that makes it impossible for Michel to say yes, nodding is not possible anymore.